how to compress video without losing quality

how to compress video without losing quality

Your video file takes more space on your gallery? Don't worry! I will guide you on how to compress video without losing quality.

I will tell you about two methods to compress video on your smartphone and computer. Here we use two video compressor app that can compress videos offline.

Just you need to download and install it on your device. We use handbrake for computers and videopanda for smartphones. Both software available in windows, android, and ios.

It is better to tell you first that after compressing the video, the quality is definitely a little less than the original one.

But it’s sure that the size of the video must be compressed. Just you need to follow the steps shown below. You need to do some settings when you export your video.

So friends read the article till the end. I definitely guarantee you that it should be helpful for you.

I will explain to you the step by step guide on how to compress video without losing quality with pictures so that you can easily understand. Just you need to follow the below steps properly.

How to compress video without losing quality using handbrake in computer

Handbrake is a free and open-source video compressor. It’s come with a drag and drop feature.

Which will allow you to convert any video to your desire format. Like you can compress video for email, YouTube video, or any other supported video format.

The main advantage you will get is that video quality will the same and the size of the video file will compress.

So let’s check the settings before converting a video in handbrake. So that you will get your videos small in size.

Step 1: First download handbrake software from its official website (windows & ios ) available.

Step 2: Double click on the setup file and follow the installation steps to install on your device.

Step 3: After completing the installation process run the software.

Step 4: Now drag and drop any video in handbrake which you want to compress.

how to compress video without losing quality

Step 5: Now you will find a couple of options. Find presets and click on it. You will find five sub-options. Select your desire format.

Step 6: Below the preset, there are many options horizontally. Here the actual settings for less video size.

how to compress video without losing quality

Summary: In summary select web-optimized if you want to use your video for YouTube or any other online format.

Dimension: In dimension, you can change the height or width. Either take the default settings.

Video: In the video, you need to settings the main things. Below is a detailed explanation.

how to compress video without losing quality

  • Frame rate (FPS): click on frame rate and select the same as source and below select constant frame rate
  • Optimise video: Move the pointer right side and select slower. It will give you better quality and smaller file size.
  • Quality: in quality settings set the constant quality as 23.

how to compress video without losing quality

Step 7: Now another settings take the same as default. And goto below the handbrake apps and find save as. Click on browse and select the path where you want to save your compressed file.

how to compress video without losing quality

Step 8: After all the process click on start encoding. That’s it.

how to compress video without losing quality using videopanda in smartphone

Videopanda is also a very good video compressor and converter apps. Which is available for both android and ios.

Personally, I use this software to compress my video. With this software, the quality of your video will be the same and the file size going too less.

In videopanda video compressor you will get four default options and two custom options that help you to compress your video as your desire size.

You also get a feature called Fit to email which can be very helpful for you. It can help you with video compressor online work.

One of the main great features of videopanda is that just you need to select your export video format no need to settings anything.

Where you will find the original size and after export size, so that you can get an idea which one to use.

Let’s check how to install and compress video using videopanda in smartphone (android & ios)

Step 1: First go to play store and search for videopanda then click on install. If you not find you can download from here👉 on android or ios.

Step 2: open the videopanda app it wants some permission, allow them.

how to compress video without losing quality

Step 3: Now you will see the video collection in your gallery. Just select a video that you want to compress.

how to compress video without losing quality

Step 4: Now you will find the export option, choose your favorite one. Now select compress.

how to compress video without losing quality

Step 5: Now it will start compressing wait a while. After complete, the compression process select save to save the compressed video to your gallery. That’s it.


Below are some questions that people also search for an answer. I added them in this article for my readers to clear all confusion about "compress video without losing quality".

How to compress a video of above 2gb size?

You can use handbrake software to compress a large video file. This software is available for windows. Also, you can use vlc media player.

Which is the best free video compressor?

In my opinion "wondershare video compressor" is one of the best video compressors. But is paid software.

If you are looking for a free video compressor then you can try handbrake.

How do I compress a video without losing quality?

There are many video compressors available on the internet. But I think there is no any video compressor that reduces your video without losing quality.

Definitely, you will find a little bit different after compressing your video.

how to reduce video file size windows 10?

To reduce your video file size on windows 10 you can use vlc media player, free video compressor, handbrake, or wondershare video compressor.

Final words

So friends I think you like this guide on how to compress video without losing quality. Now you can easily compress video without any problem.

Friends there are also many apps available on the internet most of them you can also use Free video compressor.

If you want a paid software then you can use "wondershare video converter", which is very good and that can compress faster.

You can also use this software for video editing, compress, or can convert in any formats. So friends if you like this article please share it with your friends. And if you face any problem please comment below. 

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