How to disable blue tick on whatsapp in 5 Simple Steps

Hello friends you want to disable whatsapp blue tick? So that no one can understand that you have read his message. But you are not sure how to do that. No problem stay with me in this article till the end. I will teach you how to disable blue tick in whatsapp.

How to disable blue tick on whatsapp in 5 Simple Steps

This feature is also known as read receipts. By disabling read receipts you can read anybody's message but they can't understand.

For any privacy reason, you can use these great features of whatsapp. We know that whatsapp is a very popular social media platform nowadays.

Millions of people use whatsapp messenger to sent and receive messages. The main reason for its popularity Is privacy. Actually, new upcoming updates also make whatsapp very popular.

Maybe you read your friend's message in your busy time. But there was no time to reply. In that case, your friend may think badly of you.

If you want to read a person's WhatsApp message without informing him, then you can use the whatsapp read receipts feature. And you can take your time to reply with careful messages.

Although this feature is quite good. Many people like this feature. But there are many people who didn’t like this.

So if you want to know how to turn off blue tick in whatsapp then follow the steps shown below.

How to disable blue tick in whatsapp

  • First of all, you need to open your whatsapp and go to the chat option. Now you will find three-dot on the top right side. Click on it.

How to disable blue tick on whatsapp in 5 Simple Steps
  • After clicking on the three-dot you need to select settings.

How to disable blue tick on whatsapp in 5 Simple Steps
  • Now you will enter in the settings window. You will find many options just find and select Accounts.

How to disable blue tick on whatsapp in 5 Simple Steps
  • In the accounts window select privacy.

How to disable blue tick on whatsapp in 5 Simple Steps
  • In the privacy option, you need to scroll down below and find an option call Read receipts. Just turn off these features by unchecking the checkbox on the right side.
  • After turning these settings off, the blue tick is not visible to anyone. No one will know whether you read their messages or not.
  • If you want to enable the blue tick features again just follow the steps again and check the checkbox. That’s it.


Below are some queries about whatsapp read receipts that many people search for. So I added them to this article for my readers.

Q1. Can I read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing?

yes! you can read anyone's message without knowing him/her. For that, you need to disable read receipts features from whatsapp. Just go to whatsapp settings > accounts > privacy  > disable read receipts. That it.

Q2. Why do some WhatsApp ticks not turn blue?

If whatsapp ticks do not turn blue that means your recipient not seeing your message. Maybe he/she disable read receipts or your recipient phone is off.

Q3. Can you turn off read receipts for one person on WhatsApp?

No! read receipts can't work for a single person. If you disable it, your whole recipient can't see the blue tick if you read their messages. Maybe In the upcoming updates, whatsapp can allow these features.


So, friends, I think now you can easily use these features as you need. If you have any queries related to this topic then you can directly ask me by comment below.

If you enjoy this step-by-step guide please share it with your friends. And visit again to get more tutorials like this.

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