Friends you are going frustrated while using Facebook in the slow connection? Or you loved to use old Facebook? Don't worry here the great solution is to use the Facebook basic version.

What is the Basic Version of Facebook?

The Basic Facebook Version is a stripped-down version of popular social media Facebook. It is both cheaper and less complicated for people who don't have access to the internet or are unable to afford data.

2.45 billion users use Facebook per month. So you can get an idea that how popular Facebook as a social media still now. The reason for the popularity of Facebook is its user-friendly interface.

Also, Facebook updates bring a lot of attractive features like Facebook avatarFB profile lock, and many more. That makes the user more engaging with Fb.

Quick and easy method to switch in facebook basic version

By the way, Facebook still has both versions. The newer version of Facebook uses more data because it shows high-quality images, auto-play videos with higher quality, and the application is heavy.

But if you use the basic version of FB, this version is very lightweight, loads faster, and shows low-quality images and videos.

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So if you want to save your internet data and loved to use the basic facebook version, follow the below guide. Here I will show you how to use Facebook's basic version for android and pc.

If you don't want to install any apps, you can use the basic Facebook from your internet browser.

But friends if you want to enjoy the FB basic version on your pc then what to do? Don't worry I discuss both guides below.

Just stay with me till the end of this article and read how you can use Facebook basic mode on your smartphone and pc.

Switch to the basic version of Facebook mobile

Friends if you want to use FB basic on your mobile phone, you need a web browser and internet connection.

Quick and easy method to switch in facebook basic version

Generally, all the web browsers for android and ios supported facebook basic. Now follow the below guide to open Facebook basic version login.

  • First, open your internet web browser on your smartphone. You can use the Chrome web browser.
  • Now tap on the address bar and type "". Now access this URL and you will enter the old Facebook login home page.

Quick and easy method to switch in facebook basic version

If you don't have a Facebook account, you can use the Facebook sign-up option to create a new Facebook account. Either you can use Facebook login with your user id and password to enjoy FB in the basic version. That's it.

Facebook basic version login for pc

The process of using FB in the basic version on your laptop or computer is the same as smartphones. If you are a computer user and want to switch to the basic version of Facebook for the slow connection, follow the below process.
  • First open your web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Quick and easy method to switch in facebook basic version
  • Now you will enter the sign-in page. Just login with your user id and password and enjoy the Facebook basic view on your pc. That's it.

Facebook Basic Version alternative for Android

Friends, there is an alternative way to use the Facebook basic mode for your mobile device. You can try Facebook lite apps. That is available on android and ios play store.

Quick and easy method to switch in facebook basic version

Facebook lite apps came with a simple, clean, and user-friendly interface. It is a lightweight application that runs very faster even you use 2G and 3G internet speeds.

I think this is the best alternative to the FB basic version for mobile users. Because you didn't need to change the URL every time. Just open the apps and log in with your conditionals to enjoy.

How to add Mbasic FB to your Home Screen on Mobile?

It may be difficult for you to change the URL every time on your internet browser. So it would be better to save a shortcut of Mbasic Facebook on your phone's home screen.

Quick and easy method to switch in facebook basic version

This way you can easily access the basic version of Facebook and connect with your friends by logging in. Here are the instructions.
  • Open google chrome browser on your device.
  • Now type in the URL box and open it. It will open facebook's basic version.
  • In the top right corner, you will find a three-dot icon. Tap on it.
Quick and easy method to switch in facebook basic version
  • It will show many options. Scroll down and select Add to Home screen.
  • Now change the shortcut name if you want and tap on add.

By following this step it creates a shortcut on your home screen. Next time when you want to open FB basic tap on it. It's directly open.

FAQ's on the Facebook basic version

Below are some questions related to the Fb basic version. That many people ask for their answers. So I added them to this article for my readers.

Friends if you think there is any wrong answer or you have an alternative method then feel free to comment on this post. So that I can improve this article better.

Q1. How do I get the basic version of Facebook?

Getting a Facebook basic is not so difficult. To get the FB in basic version you can use Facebook lite apps for smartphones.

But if you think to use Facebook basic without any apps, you need to use your internet browser.

Just open your internet web browser from a smartphone or laptop.

Now Just type "" or "" on the address bar and access the URL. That it.

Q2. How can I use old Facebook?

If you want to use old Facebook then you need to access Facebook's basic version. Opening FB basic is very easy.

Open your internet browser and type in the address bar. It will open the old version of the Facebook login page.

Just enter your Facebook user id and password to login into Facebook.

Q3. Can I switch back to the regular mode?

Yes, you can switch back to the regular mode. If you use Facebook apps then it will automatically open in the regular version.

But If you use Facebook on an internet browser change the URL from to

Q4. Can I enable the basic version of Facebook from the Regular version?

It is not possible if you use Facebook apps. But if you use Facebook from your internet web browser then you can easily do it. Follow the below steps to enable the basic version from the regular version.
  1. First, open facebook's regular version from your internet browser.
  2. Now tap on the URL bar. You will find
  3. Just remove the old URL and type in the address bar.
  4. Now click on go or press enter. It will open the Facebook basic version login.
  5. Log in with your username and password to enjoy the basic Facebook version.


Friends, I think you enjoy this guide. If your internet connection is very slow and wants to use less internet data, you can try Facebook's basic version. Even if your mobile is very low configured try basic Facebook.

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