Friends, when we see the number of likes on a photo on Instagram, we can get an idea of ​​how popular that person is. You may not see any likes on your post or any other post after updating your Instagram app. Don't worry, it's a new feature of Instagram. With the help of which you can hide the like count of your post or any post in your timeline. So friends today we will discuss in this article how to unhide likes on Instagram.

Likes not showing on instagram? Here's how to unhide likes on instagram

Instagram likes and view counts usually create pressure on the young generation. This is exactly the reason why Instagram brings this feature. So that Instagram users can focus on creating beautiful posts.

But there are still many users who do not like this feature. So if you want to see likes count on your Instagram post and another post again, you can follow some simple steps. So friends, let's see how unhide likes count on Instagram in android and iPhone.

How to unhide likes on Instagram timeline?

Likes not showing on instagram? Here's how to unhide likes on instagram

  1. First, open Instagram apps and go to your profile section.
  2. Now you will find a hamburger menu at the top right corner. Click on it and select settings.
  3. Now you will find many options. Just select privacy.
  4. In the next windows select posts.
  5. Now you will find that the hide like and view counts option is enabled. Just disable this option to unhide likes on Instagram.

How to unhide likes on your own Instagram post?

Likes not showing on instagram? Here's how to unhide likes on instagram

  1. Go to your Instagram profile section and find the post on which likes and view count are hidden.
  2. After opening the post you will find a three-dot icon at the top right corner. Tap on it.
  3. Now at the below select unhide likes count.
  4. Follow the same process for the other post to unhide likes on Instagram.

FAQs on unhide Instagram likes

Friends below are some questions related to how to unhide likes on Instagram. Many people are searching for their answers in many forums and search engines. So I added them to this article for my readers.

Q1. Can you see likes on Instagram again?

Friends maybe after updating your Instagram apps you cannot find the likes count on your timeline or own post. But don’t worry it’s Instagram's new features. You can see the likes on Instagram again. To do that go to settings > privacy > posts. Now disable hide like and view counts.

Q2. Why are number of likes back on Instagram?

After testing the hide-like features, Instagram backs the like count option. And Instagram says that this option will give the users more control. Maybe it is very helpful for some users and bad for others.

Q3. When did Instagram remove likes?

In 2019 Instagram test these features in few countries.


So friends this was the step-by-step guide tutorial on how to unhide likes on Instagram. Now you can easily hide or unhide likes on Instagram by following this method. Maybe some Instagram users find these features very helpful. And some users find it bad.

Friends if you really enjoy this article and found it was helpful then please share it with others. Also, give a comment below.

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