How to stop youtube videos from playing while scrolling [Android & PC] 2022

What to know
  • how to stop youtube videos from playing while scrolling: Open youtube > Click on the profile icon > settings > general > playback in feed > off.

When you first open YouTube, you'll notice that the videos on the home page begin playing automatically and keep going even as you scroll. If you want to know how to turn off autoplay on youtube then you are in the right place.

We know that YouTube is a great video platform. Where you can watch videos or create and share your own videos.

YouTube always offers a variety of useful features to its users, and most recently, it added a new one.

You may be able to guess which feature I'm talking about. You're correct; I'm talking about the features that allow for the playback of feeds.

This feature may appear to be beneficial to some, yet it is disliked by others.

How to stop youtube autoplay while scrolling on android, ios, and pc?

With autoplay, you can get an idea that what’s inside the video without clicking on it. And then you can play the video of your choice.

But on the other hand, if seen, it has many disadvantages, such as:

  1. There is no sound while the video autoplay.
  2. If you have these autoplay features on your YouTube app then your internet data consumes a lot more.
  3. Without watching the entire video, if you watch a video in autoplay for more than five seconds, it will be added to your watch history.
  4. If you want to watch the autoplay video later, then the video will start from where it was automatically stopped, for that you have to drag the progress bar to the start point to watch from the beginning,.

So friends these are some disadvantages of YouTube autoplay. Now you may be wondering how to get rid of this feature. Luckily there is an option in YouTube's settings to help you get out of this problem.

These settings are actually a bit difficult and confusing in the YouTube menu. So friends, follow the procedure given below.

How to stop youtube videos from playing while scrolling

How to stop youtube videos from playing while scrolling in android, pc 2022

  1. First, open the YouTube app from your phone.
  2. Click on the profile icon at the top right.
  3. Tap on the Settings option below.
  4. In the new window, tap on General in the Settings option.
  5. Then tap on playback in feeds in the General tab.
  6. A pop-up will open and you will see three options. In the meantime, select the Off option to turn off the autoplay on your home feed or subscription area.
  7. Moreover, you can select the WiFi-only option. So playback feeds only work when your phone is connected with WiFi.

How to turn off autoplay on youtube while scrolling pc

How to stop youtube videos from playing while scrolling in android, pc 2022

When using YouTube on a laptop or PC, you may notice that the video doesn't automatically start playing as you scroll. As soon as your mouse pointer hovers over a video, it will start playing automatically.

Therefore, if you wish to stop youtube autoplay while scrolling on your PC or laptop, move your mouse pointer outside of the video area.


Q1. Why do YouTube videos play automatically while scrolling?

Because youtube has brought this feature to its users. And by default playback in feeds is enabled on your youtube apps. This is the reason youtube videos play automatically while scrolling.

Q2. What happens if you disable muted playback in the YouTube feed?

If you turn off muted playback in the feed, no video will autoplaying while scrolling. When you tap on any video then it will start playing. Also, your internet data may be saved by disabling these features.

Q3. Is it possible to keep Autoplay enabled on Wi-Fi only?

Yes, it is possible. Youtube gives you three options. From them, you can choose the wifi option. That means if you run youtube on mobile data then these features not working. But if you run youtube through wifi then it will work.

Q4. Is Autoplay Video Added to Watch History?

Yes, it will be added to the youtube watch history if the autoplay continues for more than 5 sec. And later if you want to play the same autoplay videos then it will start where it will stop during scrolling.

Final word

Maybe you like these features because you can get an idea of what is the video for. But you have to spend your internet data. But if you don't want these features then there is an option to disable it.

I hope you enjoyed this quick guide on How to stop youtube videos from playing while scrolling. If you faced any problems or have any questions regarding this topic then feel free to comment below. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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