How To Turn Off Meta AI From WhatsApp - The Truth

How to turn off meta AI from whatsapp? With every new update, WhatsApp keeps evolving, offering users new benefits and challenges.

WhatsApp has released an AI chatbot feature in its latest update which has caused problems among many users. And they are asking how to disable Meta AI from WhatsApp.

How To Turn Off Meta AI From WhatsApp - The Truth

What is Meta AI?

How To Turn Off Meta AI From WhatsApp - The Truth
Meta AI tool is developed by Facebook's parent company Meta. Using this AI tool you can easily connect with anything, create, learn, or anything else. And recently it has been integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Meta AI is a free tool that can be accessed from feeds, chats, searches, etc. without leaving the app.

Moreover, with the help of this AI tool, you can create images and gifts very easily.

This Meta AI is currently available in some countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, Uganda, and the United States.

Advantages of Meta AI

According to Meta, if a user is using whatsapp, instagram, or Facebook and wants to access any real-time information then they can get the information directly using the AI tools without leaving the app.

Also if you want you can access this AI tool from Meta's website

How to turn off Meta AI from WhatsApp?

Meta AI confirmed in a chat that there is currently no option to disable this feature.

However, in the future, WhatsApp could add an option to disable this option based on user feedback and make other changes accordingly.


Over the past few days, WhatsApp has rolled out several interesting features for its users, many of which have been well-received and appreciated.

However, the recent update from WhatsApp, which introduced an AI chatbot, has sparked discontent among many users.

And WhatsApp has not given any option to disable this feature due to which users are facing more problems.

Some of you may find this feature helpful, while others may not. Please comment and let us know your thoughts on how you are interested in these new features.
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